Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Finally, WORLD CUP 2010 belong's to the HERO of SPAIN.. Bukan pasukan pilihan tapi yg terbaik pasti akan dapat yg terbaik tanpa memenangi hati penyokong sebelum WORLD CUP 2010 bermula.. So, sepanjang WORLD CUP 2010 bermacam2lah ragamnya, ceritanya, kisahnya & suka duka nyer.. Ayat biasa..TIDOR BOLA, MAKAN BOLA, DEMAM BOLA..Yg paling best S.Africa 2010 - TOK BOMOH PAUL si OCTOPUS..

Malaysia x kurang hebatnyer, walaupun x layak nak hntr pasukan tp tetap layak nak hntr penyokong.. Semua kedai mamak full book, dak2 sekolah sanggup bersekang mata, ramai gak yg amek halfday nak qada' tdor, kumpul cawan world cup MCD & kalau kat office, kaum2 hawa yg paling berborak sakan pasal bola.. huhu..

But me, i'm not so into football.. i cant watch, tried to but fail.. BORING..

Everything in ths world had 'SOMETHING' that can be reveal from the internal eyes..

From external eyes, i just can see... KEJAR BOLA+SEPAK BOLA = GOL..
From internal eyes, the football phenomenal build a cup of life...

Lot of things we can learn from football:

1) TEAMWORK - excellent team spirit
2) PERSEVERANCE - never give up
3) STRATEGY - time management + skill management
4) TOLERANCE - help each other + x selfish
5) HIGH SELF CONFIDENCE - always ready + x frightened

Not only football game can create a cup of life, all sports game unexceptional..
Take the positive side & build your own cup of life..

The cup of life, this is the one.
Now is the time, don't ever stop
Push it along, gotta be strong.
Push it along, right to the top

And when you feel the heat. The world is at your feet
No one can hold you down. If you really want it
Just steal your destiny. Right from the hands of fate
Reach for the cup of life.

"The Cup Of Life"-RICKY MARTIN