Friday, January 6, 2012

Fly to Queensland.. what a dreams come true..

One of my wishlist for 2011, finally comes true. Traveling to Brisbane & gold coast wll be the best places i've been visited so far. Love the beautiful scenery, friendly people, shopping paradise, wonderful theme park & the unique animals.

On 13 November 2011 at 9.40pm.. me, Anis & Ros flew to Gold Coast by Air Asia & it takes 8 hrs on board to reach Coolanggata Airport. We arrived at 7.40am Aussie's time which is 2 hrs early frm M'sia.

Alhamdulillah our journey at Brisbane was accompanied by Anis's lecturer Kak Amalina, James the Brunei student & Sally nursing student from the great Malaysia.

Brisbane's city heartland is a unique district with the river as its central focus, combining shopping, recreation & nightlife in a way that reflects the city's reputation for a relaxed subtropical lifestyle.

2 days at Brisbane give us such a loveable memories & will locked forever on our mind.
Let's the pic tell u how Brisbane make us fall in love.

me, anis & ros.. huh.. 8hrs.. but i really cant sleep well

one of our ride
oh ok.. now i know..

this really unique mammal & look scary but cute sometime
tazmania devil

feeding bird

the bus stop

street beach..
nando's is halal here
Nepalesse temple
Eyes of Brisbane

The casino

pie face
hungry jacks aka burger king
Factory Outlet

Insyirah cheering us with her jokes & quiz

before we left brisbane
lovely peoples, thank u so much for being our tourist guide

There a lot's of gorgeous pic to be upload but it will takes a few pages. So i decide to say NO.

Brisbane's peoples, facilities & lifestyles were remarkable. They are greeting each other, continue smiling, thanking the bus driver with a loud voice, the bus driver taking a break by reading a book, exercise at night, bbq-ing with friends & family and a lots more.

I definitely will return to this place one day. Again & again...

Oh ya, we were spending another 2 days at gold coast & Insyaallah, will be post on the next entry.

Thank you for reading.

Remember me this way, Zuryn

P/s: I do understand there's lot of grammar mistakes here since i'm pulling myself up by my bootstraps.


  1. Bestnye Zuryn.....jealous. Bila la dapat pegi sana ni.

  2. memang best sally.. Insyaallah one day bleh p sana. Jalan2 ngn husband & anak2 lagi best kot.. tggu dorg besar dulu la ye..